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ZURICH (CBS Nearby) — If you really like cats but are allergic to them, a staff of scientists in Switzerland could have the purrfect resolution for you.

HypoPet AG, a Swiss-primarily based enterprise, announced it has made a vaccine known as HypoCat that functions by “immunizing cats in opposition to their have big allergen, Fel d 1,” found in cat dander to which 10 per cent of human beings are allergic, according to the Journal of Allergy and Medical Immunology.

“Our HypoCat vaccine is in a position to generate significant stages of antibodies in cats,” HypoPet AG CEO Gary Jennings wrote in a assertion. “These antibodies can bind and neutralize the Fel d one allergen generated by the animals.”

In other text, the cat would be administered the vaccine, not their allergic owner.

Information for individuals with cat allergy: A examine delivers evidence that cat vaccination in opposition to the significant cat allergen Fe1 d one can decrease Fel d one stage in cat secretions and potentially decrease its means to cause a human allergic response.

— Journal of Allergy and Medical Immunology (@jacionline) August 8, 2019

Researchers collected the data from 4 individual scientific tests that involved a full of 54 cats.

The vaccine was “well tolerated without having any overt toxicity,” in accordance to a enterprise push launch, and does not appear to induce severe or extensive-phrase facet effects in cats.

The Fel d 1 protein doesn’t have a vital operate in cats as significantly as we know, Gizmodo claimed. In point, some cats are currently by natural means really low in the protein with no any obvious wellness troubles. And in any scenario, the vaccine doesn’t absolutely reduce Fel d 1.

Scientists say they are “pressing ahead with registration experiments and discussions with European and U.S regulators with the hope of bringing this considerably-desired solution to the marketplace.”

“If all goes as planned then we hope to reach the marketplace in 2022,” Jennings told Gizmodo.

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