The iPad Professional can now run Fortnite at 120 frames per second – The Verge

Epic Games has just released an update for the iOS version of Fortnite that unlocks a specialized niche-but-amazing feature if you have the components to guidance it: a 120 frames per second manner for the newest (2018) iPad Pro. This manner helps make the most of the screen’s high refresh level to provide extremely-clean overall performance. The update also adds guidance for controller thumbstick buttons.

I checked the 120 fps method out for a several rounds, and even though I’m not certain how quite a few people today participate in competitive Fortnite on an iPad, the distinction is apparent. The body amount does once in a while fall down into the 100s or 90s, which I’m guaranteed will come about extra often if you’re enjoying for hrs on stop, but otherwise the video game does in fact deliver the marketed 120 fps.

Enabling the method mechanically drops the resolution and fixes the visual configurations at “medium,” just as you can only run at 60 fps with “high” configurations and 30 fps with “epic”. It’s a fairly big visible downgrade, but then yet again I utilized to disable textures altogether to attempt to get an benefit in Quake III Arena again in the working day, so I’m guaranteed the tradeoff will be well worth it for some.

Epic 1st additional 60 fps guidance for Fortnite on iOS with the launch of the Apple iphone XS and XR in 2018. At the time, it was the only way to enjoy the recreation at 60 fps on the go — the Nintendo Swap version is limited to 30 fps, while quite a few better-end Android phones now help the a lot quicker body amount as very well. The video game runs at 60 fps on the PS4 and Xbox 1, and of system you can run the Laptop edition at regardless of what frame level your hardware is capable of.

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