Snooze cruise: Research sees long term for hibernating astronauts – The Connected Press

BERLIN (AP) — The European Space Agency claims placing astronauts into a condition of suspended animation could make it easier to access other planets.

The agency said Monday that its scientists examined how hibernation would impact the style and design of a crewed mission to Mars and concluded that it could help to drastically shrink the measurement of spacecraft.

Though slowing down humans’ metabolic level in the same way to the way animals hibernate is not attainable nonetheless, investigate staff head Jennifer Ngo-Anh claims the idea “is essentially not so crazy.” She noted that comparable procedures are now utilised to help you save trauma victims.

Issues consist of developing the spacecraft to work largely autonomously whilst the crew — padded with excess overall body excess fat in progress of their excursion — snooze as a result of significantly of the 180-working day cruise to Mars.

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