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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will reportedly enter mass production soon

Per an industry insider, the company has started ordering components for its next foldable phone. The handset will likely enter volume production soon. 

The Galaxy Fold 2 will reportedly be unveiled alongside the

Galaxy Note 20 in August. Shipments are expected to begin in September.

Unlike the Galaxy Z Flip, the Galaxy Fold 2 will be a true flagship phone. The

main display will apparently measure 7.59-inches and support a refresh rate of 120Hz. The display is expected to have a punch hole to house the selfie camera and it will probably be compatible with the S-Pen too. It will also supposedly inherit Galaxy Z Flip’s Ultra-Thin Glass, which should make it more durable than the Galaxy Fold as it uses Polyamide (PI) plastic which is more prone to scratches. 

The front display will reportedly be 6.23-inches and the phone will boast a

triple camera setup (12MP+16MP+64MP) with dual optical image stabilization.

Samsung is apparently eyeing sales of up to 3 million units this year, which sounds quite optimistic given that the target was

500,000 units for the Galaxy Fold last year. Lowering the price could help the company achieve this goal.

However, foldable displays are still a new technology and it will take some time before costs fall substantially. This year though, Samsung will likely reduce the price by $100 only, which means the device will presumably start at $1,880.

For most mainstream buyers, this price will be unpalatable, and if Samsung is just targeting niche consumers, it will probably have a hard time reaching its sales target.


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