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Regigigas is finally coming to Pokémon Go, as each a minimal-time occasion and as an EX raid concentrate on.

Regigigas will develop into the EX raid target in November, but if you want an before try out at the gigantic legendary Pokémon, you’ll will need to get a ticket — which fees $seven.99 — to participate in the Colossal Discovery Particular Research. Be aware that this costs genuine funds, and are not able to be procured with Pokecoins, Pokémon Go’s in-game currency.

Completing A Colossal Discovery will reward a medal, up to 10 raid passes, an Unova Stone, a Sinnoh Stone, and a particular avatar pose. Just after obtaining the move, you have to open Pokémon Go on Nov. 2 from 11 a.m. until finally 7 p.m. in your area time for the Specific Research to seem. The moment you do this, you’ll have as lengthy as you require to full it. Tickets will only be on sale till Nov. 2 at five p.m. in your time zone.

To prepare for the king of the Regis, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel will return to raids from Nov. one until finally Nov. four. More rock-, metal-, and ice-style Pokémon like Geodude, Magnemite, Swinub, Aron, and Spheal will also spawn at an elevated charge. Aerodactyl, Shuckle, Sneasel, Skarmory, Snorunt, and Beldum will also hatch additional usually from eggs.

Shiny Regirock, Registeel, and Regice, with their regular forms in Pokémon Go

Niantic by way of Polygon

The announcement does be aware that players should really be well prepared to try out to grab a Regirock, Regice, and Registeel immediately after activating the Unique Investigation, as they are essential to grab Regigigas from A Colossal Discovery. It’s possible that the other Pokémon with enhanced spawn rates will also be necessary to full the investigate tasks.

Together with all of this arrives Shiny Skarmory, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.

Shiny Skarmory and regular Skarmory in Pokémon Go

Niantic by way of Polygon

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