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New 'warm Jupiter' exoplanet discovered
The two min cadence TESS gentle curve of TOI-677. Credit rating: Jordan et al., 2019.

An worldwide workforce of astronomers reviews the discovery of a new “heat Jupiter” alien planet transiting a primary sequence late F-sort star on an eccentric orbit. The newfound exoplanet, designated TOI-677 b, is about 20 % bigger and far more substantial than Jupiter. The acquiring is comprehensive in a paper posted November 13 on

The so-identified as “warm Jupiters” are gas huge planets with a negligible mass of .three Jupiter masses and orbital durations ranging between 10 and 100 times. They mark the transition between “scorching Jupiters” with an orbital time period among one particular and 10 times and Jupiter analogues with an orbital interval longer than 100 times.

TOI-677 b is the latest addition to the listing of identified “heat Jupiters.” The object was initial recognized as an exoplanet candidate by NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Study Satellite (TESS) when it observed the star TOI-677 concerning March one and April 22, 2019. Now, a group of astronomers led by Andreas Jordan of Adolfo Ibáñez College in Chile has confirmed the planetary mother nature of the object transiting TOI-677 by stick to-up spectroscopic observations utilizing several floor-dependent telescopes.

“We adopted up TOI-677 with various spectrographs in get to confirm the TESS transiting earth candidate and to evaluate its mass,” the astronomers wrote in the paper.

According to the analyze, TOI-677 b circles its mum or dad star on an eccentric orbit (with an eccentricity of .43) each individual 11.23 days at a distance of about .one AU from it. The planet has a radius of all around one.17 Jupiter radii and a mass of around 1.23 Jupiter masses. Getting into account the TOI-677 b’s proximity to its host, the astronomers calculated that the world has an equilibrium temperature at a degree of roughly one,252 Kelvin.

When it comes to TOI-677, it is a primary sequence late F star with photo voltaic metallicity and successful temperature of about six,300 Kelvin. The star has a mass of all around one.18 photo voltaic masses and its radius is about 28 % larger sized than that of our solar. Observations propose that the object is just about 3 billion several years previous.

Furthermore, the astronomers identified evidence of a secondary lengthy-expression sign in radial velocity measurements, which could indicate that the recently detected alien world is not the only item orbiting TOI-677.

“Warm jupiters can be shaped via secular gravitational interactions with an outer world followed by tidal interactions with the star in the high eccentricity stage of the secular cycle. In this context, Dong et al. (2014) predicts that in get to conquer the precession brought on by general relativity, the heat jupiters manufactured by means of this system should have outer planets at somewhat short orbital distances that can be detected with a radial velocity checking,” the astronomers spelled out.

Nonetheless, they additional that at the minute it is also early to draw remaining conclusion about the presence of an outer companion in the TOI-677 procedure. More research are necessary to decide the precise character of the prolonged time period radial velocity that was claimed in the paper.

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TOI-677 b: A Warm Jupiter (P=11.2d) on an eccentric orbit transiting a late F-type star, arXiv: 1911.05574 [astro-ph.EP] muscles/1911.05574

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