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Victor Tangermann

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In accordance to a shocking report by NASA experts, blood move can stop and even reverse in the higher bodies of astronauts.

The review could have some significant implications about extended excursions as a result of deep area, as we’re nonetheless striving to nail down the precise outcomes of paying out extended durations in microgravity.

The review looked at periodic ultrasound checks of 11 balanced astronauts who staffed the Intercontinental Place Station.

The final results were being alarming: blood stream experienced possibly stagnated or reversed in the left inner jugular vein, a important blood vessel on the aspect of the neck, in 7 crew customers. The assessments also identified a clot and a partial clot in two of the crew customers soon after their return to Earth.

A paper of the examine was revealed in the journal JAMA Network Open up on Wednesday.

“This was an sudden getting,” Michael Stenger, senior writer and supervisor at NASA’s Johnson House Middle, told NBC Information. “We did not assume to see stasis and reverse stream. That is extremely irregular. On Earth, you would promptly suspect a enormous blockage or a tumor or a little something like that.”

And that could have some pretty severe results on astronauts’ overall health.

“If you get a clot in the internal jugular vein, the clot could vacation to the lungs and lead to a pulmonary embolism — that’s extremely harmful,” professor of drugs at the Johns Hopkins College Andrew Feinberg informed NBC.

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