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On the back again of Destiny director Luke Smith’s mammoth blog site post discussing Future 2’s setbacks, equilibrium problems, and ambitions, right now Bungie is preparing to unveil the Armor 2. gear system coming in Destiny two Shadowkeep. Bungie said the stream will clearly show Warlock, Hunter, and Titan sets coming with each other, offering players a glance at how Armor two. gear can be custom made and made use of to create far more involved character builds. It may perhaps perfectly be a defining moment in the game’s history, so here is how to view the Future two Armor two. expose stream nowadays. 

Present day expose will be broadcast by means of Bungie’s




, and


. You can enjoy it through the YouTube embed previously mentioned when the stream is reside. The exhibit starts off at:

US West Coastline: 10AM PT

US East Coast: 1PM ET


Europe: 7PM CET

We know a little bit about Armor 2. previously thanks to a smattering of teases and ViDocs. Very last 7 days, Bungie shared illustrations or photos exhibiting some of the new armor perks coming in Shadowkeep, including weapon- and ending move-distinct mods. Earlier this summer, we realized that Armor 2. gear will be compatible with all the Eververse armor ornaments gamers have ever earned, which means they will act as a pseudo-transmog process likely into Shadowkeep.

We also have some notion of how armor modification will perform underneath the new procedure. Earlier teases suggested that each and every piece of armor will have an electricity pool, and each and every mod hooked up will use a set amount of money of energy. So if you have 10 energy out there on your helmet, for occasion, you could use 1 four-expense mod and three two-price mods. This assumption is primarily based on old and maybe outdated screenshots, on the other hand, and it truly is nonetheless unclear how stats will play into items, permit by yourself how mods might transfer involving armor pieces. We will have a lot of inquiries likely into this expose stream, which is for guaranteed. 

Here is almost everything you need to know about Destiny 2 cross help you save and the approaching Destiny two Steam transfer. 

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