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It felt puzzling and energized when Ikea unveiled two new speakers constructed by Sonos. They’re a little strange-seeking, 1st of all. (One speaker is also a lamp!) But what is genuinely extraordinary is that Ikea is now advertising a comprehensive-fledged Sonos speaker for £100. (It doubles as a shelf!) We analyzed this new Sonos speaker—the most inexpensive Sonos you can buy—against the £200 Sonos One particular to see if it can hold up. The solution is basically, astonishingly, certainly.

The £100 speaker in concern is the new Ikea Symfonisk wi-fi bookshelf speaker, co-made and driven by Sonos. It is a foot tall or long, dependent on how you position it, and really frankly, that dimension feels huge compared to a Sonos 1. The Symfonisk bookshelf speaker is outfitted with some mounts so that you can suspend it from a wall with a £10 bracket (bought independently), and Ikea built it to be durable enough to assistance six.5 kilos of fat. There’s also a hook mount that sells for £5. Either way, the Symfonisk bookshelf speaker can also turn into a tiny piece of household furniture, which isn’t anything you can say about the Sonos A single.

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Picture: Raul Marrero (Gizmodo)

Purists would argue that a wireless speaker does not also need to have to be home furnishings. It just demands to play new music and probably give you obtain to voice assistants. This is wherever the Sonos A person really excels. Equipped with two amps, a subwoofer, and a tweeter, this speaker gives amazing audio excellent for anything so little. The Sonos One particular is also intended to send out sound out in 360-degrees, while both of those Symfonisk speakers only ship sound out the front. It’s well worth flagging that Sonos claims the £150 Ikea Symfonisk lamp has a very similar driver set up as the Sonos 1, but it is also nearly the price tag of a Sonos A person and lacks voice assistant assist.

About these voice assistants. The Sonos A single has an array of 6 much-industry microphones and will work with each Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. But, aside from the sleeker, additional compact structure, this is essentially in which the dissimilarities among the Sonos Just one and the new Symfonisk speaker cease.

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Photo: Raul Marrero (Gizmodo)

The low-cost new Ikea Symfonisk speakers are a comprehensive-fledged Sonos speaker. You established it up and control it with the Sonos app. You can also tune it using Trueplay, the proprietary Sonos function that adjusts your speaker’s seem dependent on its posture in a place. Possibly most importantly, equally Ikea Symfonisk speakers can be built-in into an existing Sonos process. So if you previously have a pair of Sonos speaker and want to add new music to additional rooms in your residence without paying much funds, the £100 Symfonisk bookshelf speaker is a great selection. You can also acquire two Symfonisk bookshelf speakers and set them up as a stereo pair, and if you individual a Sonos Beam soundbar, you can incorporate two of them as satellite speakers to create a five.1 encompass seem program. You can also do this with Sonos A single or Sonos Enjoy:1 speakers, which serves as a reminder of just how total-showcased the Symfonisk speakers are.

So let’s seem at the pretty simple maths. At £100 a pop, you could obtain two Symfonisk speakers for the price tag of a Sonos A person. A Sonos Engage in:1 expenses £150, lacks voice assistant aid, and appears just a small little bit improved than the Symfonisk bookshelf speaker. So is it worthy of it to spend 50 to 100 per cent a lot more for the vintage Sonos speakers? Frankly, the Ikea Symfonisk bookshelf is a fantastic choice for most individuals who are just obtaining into the wi-fi speaker recreation. It is also a fantastic way to fill out an existing Sonos procedure, and whilst the seem high-quality of the Symfonisk is not really as wonderful as the Sonos One particular, it is fantastic more than enough.

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