Endgame: Settling at midpoint might not work for MLB players or owners – The Athletic

The midpoint is obvious. The actual resolution is not.

The players’ latest proposal to the league Thursday called for a 70-game season. The owners’ offer a day earlier was for 60 games.

Split the difference at 65 and we’re home, right?

The fact both sides made offers that met the players’ demand for full prorated salaries is indeed a sign of progress. But owners feel they extended themselves with their 60-game proposal, not just on salaries but also with other concessions. In fact, the owners believed they were on the cusp of a deal when commissioner Rob Manfred and union head Tony Clark worked through that offer during a face-to-face in Arizona on Tuesday night — a notion the union rejected with not one but two statements Thursday.

A powerful ownership voice who once directed these kinds of negotiations does not see the owners stretching further.

“Here’s what I told Rob (Manfred) today,” said…

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