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Joker director Todd Phillips claims he is astonished by the backlash to the impending movie—and he thinks some of its detractors were just waiting for a focus on. Some critics have warned that the film glorifies “offended loners” and could encourage mass shooters, with Stephanie Zacherek at Time declaring Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker could “conveniently be adopted as the patron saint of incels,” reviews NBC. Kin of Aurora mass shooting victims have prepared to Warner Bros. with their worries. Phillips say the criticism has been “eye-opening.” “I imagine it is really for the reason that outrage is a commodity, I feel it truly is some thing that has been a commodity for a though,” he tells the Wrap. “What’s exceptional to me in this discourse in this movie is how effortlessly the far left can seem like the far ideal when it satisfies their agenda.”

Phillips suggests they didn’t make the film, which presents the Joker a sympathetic backstory, to “drive buttons” or glorify violence. “Just isn’t it very good to have these discussions?” he asks. “Isn’t really it fantastic to have these discussions about these motion pictures, about violence? Why is that a lousy detail if the movie does guide to a discourse about it?” He suggests that at one particular stage through filming, he explained to Phoenix: “Look at this as a way to sneak a genuine motion picture in the studio technique below the guise of a comic book film.” Forbes film reviewer Scott Mendelson has also criticized the criticism, tweeting that “the matter most most likely to inspire copycat violence” following the movie’s Oct. 4 launch is “the constant media chattering about whether the launch of Joker will encourage copycat violence.” (Go through much more Todd Phillips stories.)

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