Dehner Jr.: Resources say Patriots movie targeted for 8 minutes on Bengals’ sideline – The Athletic

CINCINNATI — Envision getting a Bengals workers member sitting down to enjoy the recreation in the next row of the push box, when someone sits down in entrance of you in the course of the initial quarter, pulls out a video clip camera and starts off recording.

You look at and see the viewfinder locked on the Cincinnati sideline and realize the videographer is related to the New England Patriots, wearing Boston Bruins gear.

This is what happened on Sunday in Cleveland. Unbelievably, contemplating the heritage of this sort of offenses.

What took place future provided Bengals executives having concerned, then NFL security and finally the online video being confiscated and turned about to the league, which is currently reviewing the issue. And depending on who you converse to, there are differing accounts of what took place that could be major in figuring out intent.

According to resources who have considered the tape, it displays about eight minutes of footage focusing on recording the Bengals’ sideline.

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