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So the coronavirus-induced hold off of No Time to Die, the very last at-bat for Daniel Craig‘s depiction of James Bond, has a single inadvertent consequence. Y’see, Craig is hosting Saturday Night Stay this weekend, on March 7. This would’ve produced a lot of because given No Time to Die‘s initial launch date of April 10. But now that we ain’t finding it until November 25? Properly, that makes his hosting a touch significantly less topical — and the central premise of his filmed promos a touch a lot more awkward.

In the clip, Craig talks about how he desires to loosen up and be as silly as possible on SNL, from wigs to accents to whatsoever it usually takes to get a laugh (a mode I take place to like Craig in, vis-a-vis Logan Lucky and Knives Out). Just a person challenge — each time solid users like Beck BennettAidy Bryant, or Chris Redd consider to converse to him, his “James Bond instincts” kick in, and he pummels the heck out of them. Whoops!

It is a sound bit heightened properly — but you can notify it was filmed right before the hold off, and therefore performs with a tiny bit of remarkable, cringe-inducing irony. Will they address the coronavirus delay in a sketch on the exhibit? If you wanna uncover out, verify out Craig’s episode March 7, with musical guest The Weeknd. For extra on James Bond, here’s Billie Eilish performing the No Time to Die concept at the BRIT Awards.

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