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Washington • In the Trump era, no second of tranquility can be taken for granted.

On Sunday, Trump verified that he would be interested in shopping for the territory from Denmark and that “we’ll communicate to them” about it. “Essentially, it is a large real estate offer,” Trump defined, reasoning that Denmark could possibly be willing to portion with the enormous land mass due to the fact “they carry it at a good decline.”

The terrific Danes reacted indignantly. “Greenland is not for sale,” Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen proclaimed on a defensive go to to the island Sunday, calling the plan “an absurd discussion” and stating “I strongly hope that this is not meant very seriously.”

Battling terms! There is only one particular right response to these kinds of intransigence: The United States ought to choose Greenland by drive.

Greenland has no standard military, so we must be able to occupy each individual Nuuk and cranny of the location with out much battle. It really is achievable, of system, that this assault on Danish territory would prompt a reaction by NATO less than the alliance’s mutual-protection pact, but Trump has previously defanged that alliance.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, foresaw this kind of a minute, expressing in 2016 through the GOP presidential nominating battle that “we are liable to wake up a single early morning and Donald, if he were being president, would have nuked Denmark.”

Trump has demonstrated small familiarity with the kingdom — his White Household once spelled it “Denmakr” — which is why I speculated that he could bumble into a misplaced (and misspelled) assault on that state (“You may possibly be shoked by my navy attak on the Kingdom of Denmakr …”). Right after that prediction, an anxious person in Copenhagen emailed me with a plea that I cease supplying Trump these types of concepts.

But a U.S. assault on Greenland would meet up with the definition of a just war. It would be an act of self-defense from a violent folks: Erik the Red, who established the initially European settlement in Greenland, was exiled from Iceland for his murderous techniques.

In addition to, Greenland attacked us first. It was 1,019 several years in the past, give or choose — and they even now celebrate it: In the town of Qassiarsuk, in accordance to the web page VisitGreenland.com, stands a bronze statue of Leif Eriksson — 1 of Erik the Red’s sons — on the website from which the Viking departed to invade North American shores.

Greenland hit us again, in 1912: It is properly set up that the iceberg that sank the Titanic originated in Greenland. Also, the island resumed its incursions in current decades, flooding our shores with growing water from its melting ice sheet.

Some may possibly wonder what Trump sees in an ice-covered island that has zero p.c arable land, lacks major streets and has more vowels than folks. Its national anthem is “Nunarput utoqqarsuanngoravit,” translated as, “Our Nation, Who’s Become So Aged.”

The reply, as usual, is to be discovered in Trump’s Tv-viewing routine. I suspect that, for the duration of his current Government Time, he watched the James Bond film “Quantum of Solace,” in which the villains conquer a nation by monopolizing the clean-drinking water source. Greenland’s ice, with sufficient drinking water to fill the Wonderful Lakes 115 periods, is the world’s next-greatest provide of fresh new h2o.

If Trump’s Greenland transfer was indeed inspired by his monitor time, it would be steady with his pattern. His assert that women are staying smuggled across the southern border with “duct tape on their faces” experienced no foundation in actuality but figured prominently in the Benicio del Toro movie, “Sicario: Working day of the Soldado.” Trump’s use of an emergency declaration to establish a border wall with no congressional acceptance had a precedent in Netflix’s “Home of Cards,” in which Frank Underwood declared an emergency to enact his pet venture in excess of congressional needs. And a lot of of Trump’s policy pronouncements originate in Fox News segments.

But this most current illustration of lifestyle imitating Trump’s Tv screen is just not essentially to be discouraged. The world’s biggest island, Greenland is a few instances the dimensions of Texas and nearly 50% more substantial than Alaska. These kinds of a wide territory would surely get statehood ahead of lengthy, and representation in the House and Senate. And there’s small secret about which way Greenland’s reps in Congress would tilt: Its two biggest political functions are equally kinds of socialists.

Trump likes to alert that Democrats want a “socialist takeover.” But by annexing Greenland, he’d be the one particular bringing authentic socialists to these shores.

Even Erik the Red couldn’t reach that.

Dana Milbank | The Washington Post

Dana Milbank | The Washington Submit

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