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“마스크 착용하면 괜찮다”…비말보다 강력한 ‘에어로졸 전파’ 팩트체크

Earlier this thirty day period, China admitted that aerosol transmission of COVID-19 is doable.

Does that imply the virus spreads by way of the air?

To lose light-weight on what you have to have to know and be geared up towards, this is our Lee Kyung-eun.

Aerosols are small particles suspended in the air.

They can be possibly solid or liquid and are created when men and women cough or sneeze.

They are normally bigger than .five micrometers, but a great deal smaller than droplets.

On February 19th, China’s National Overall health Fee admitted that the novel coronavirus can be transmitted by way of aerosols.

It is a major change from its previous stance that the virus is contracted as a result of droplets and close get in touch with.

So, in this article comes the most fundamental concern: are aerosols far more perilous than droplets?

Of course.

Aerosols can transmit the disease far more quickly due to the fact they are lighter and scaled-down than droplets, so are able of staying in the air for for a longer time.

Then, can we get infected just by breathing subsequent to a individual?

The answer is no.

Industry experts say that aerosol infection is distinct from airborne infection,… in which the virus floats in the air like tuberculosis.

They say aerosol an infection fairly only takes place in selected situations.

“It is inclined to come about in medical center all through clinical strategies like inserting a tube into the respiratory method, which results in a burst of mass aerosols. Which is why the health-related staff members there dress in personalized protective gear.”

So, the likelihood of aerosol infection in our daily life is very reduced, but it could nevertheless occur when a affected individual sneezes truly challenging or when you are exposed to higher concentrations of aerosol in an enclosed natural environment for a prolonged interval of time.

Then in these circumstances, can we still prevent aerosol infection?

Professionals say sporting a mask can successfully stop aerosol infection as perfectly as blocking droplet infection.

“Any mask you wear to avert coronavirus is capable of blocking aerosols.”

The coronavirus may perhaps distribute a lot more easily than earlier thought, but gurus say droplet an infection is still the most important route of transmission.

Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang Information.

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