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Archaeologists in Egypt have uncovered at minimum 20 picket coffins in an historical necropolis in the southern metropolis of Luxor.

In a assertion, the Antiquities Ministry explained the obtain as “one of the premier and most significant discoveries that have been introduced all through the past few yrs.”

Officials stated that the “cache” of coffins was identified on two concentrations of the Asasif Necropolis, a cemetery in the ancient city of West Thebes. The necropolis includes tombs courting again to the Center, New Kingdom and the Late Durations (1994-332 B.C.).

Extensive-Shed two,200-Year-Old TEMPLE OF PHARAOH PTOLEMY IV Found

Photographs from the ministry display colored coffins with inscriptions and paintings.

This photo provided by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities shows recently discovered coffins with inscriptions and paintings, in the southern city of Luxor.

This photograph delivered by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities displays a short while ago discovered coffins with inscriptions and paintings, in the southern city of Luxor.
(Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities through AP)

Egypt continues to expose new specifics of its prosperous background. In a separate venture, archaeologists lately learned a long-dropped two,200-calendar year-previous ancient temple linked to Pharaoh Ptolemy IV. Additionally, an historic fortress crafted by Pharaoh Ramses II is revealing its techniques.

Archaeologists also uncovered an historical cemetery around the popular Giza pyramids just outdoors Cairo.

Remarkable four,500-Calendar year-Previous CEMETERY Discovered Near EGYPT’S GIZA PYRAMIDS

In yet a further job, gurus unearthed the 2,500-year-outdated stays of a potent high priest in remarkable trend.

Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Khaled el-Anany looking at recently discovered coffins in Luxor.

Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Khaled el-Anany searching at recently discovered coffins in Luxor.
(Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities via AP)

The opening of the priest’s stone sarcophagus was broadcast by the Discovery Channel through “Expedition Mysterious: Egypt Dwell,” a two-hour are living party. Archaeologists learned what they explain as an “exquisitely preserved” mummy in the sealed sarcophagus, included in gold banding.

The extraordinary find was designed at Al-Ghorifa, a distant website about 165 miles south of Cairo. Industry experts accessed the sarcophagus through a network of historic tunnels.


In other places, archaeologists found a big ram-headed sphinx that is joined to King Tutankhamun’s grandfather. And a teenage girl’s skeleton was discovered in a mysterious grave close to the Meidum pyramid, south of Cairo.

Archaeologists found at least 20 wooden coffins in the Asasif Necropolis, Luxor.

Archaeologists uncovered at the very least 20 wooden coffins in the Asasif Necropolis, Luxor.
(Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities by using AP)

In April, professionals announced the discovery of dozens of mummies in historic desert burial chambers. Archaeologists also explained the strange brown spots on some of the paintings in King Tut’s tomb.

In January, archaeologists announced the discovery of historical tombs in the Nile Delta north of Cairo. In a separate project, two ancient tombs relationship back again to the Roman interval ended up uncovered in Egypt’s Western Desert.

Peculiar 2,500-12 months-Aged WRECK Found IN NILE ‘SHIP GRAVEYARD,’ Resolving Historical PUZZLE

Archaeologists uncovered a beautiful sphinx statue at an historical temple in southern Egypt in a independent undertaking.

In a statement, Egypt's Antiquities Ministry described the find as “one of the largest and most important discoveries that have been announced during the past few years.”

In a assertion, Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry explained the locate as “one of the premier and most vital discoveries that have been introduced all through the past couple yrs.”
(Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities via AP)

But there’s a lot more.

Final summer season, experts unlocked the strategies of a mysterious historical ‘cursed’ black granite sarcophagus. The substantial coffin, which was excavated in the city of Alexandria, was identified to contain three skeletons and gold sheets with the continues to be.

Archaeologists also observed the oldest stable cheese in the tomb of Ptahmes, mayor of the historic town of Memphis.


A mummy buried in southern Egypt extra than five,000 a long time ago has also unveiled its grisly tricks, shedding new light-weight on prehistoric embalming practices.

An ancient Egyptian gilded coffin has also been garnering a lot of interest a short while ago. Egypt on Tuesday shown the coffin from the initially century B.C., which New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art returned final week immediately after U.S. investigators identified it to be a looted antiquity.

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The coffin as soon as held the mummy of Nedjemankh, a priest in the Ptolemaic Period some 2,000 a long time in the past. It was set on show at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo.

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