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When Disney decided to take it’s first foray into the magical world of streaming video, clearly they wanted to go big or go home. And luckily for them, The Mandalorian went pretty damn big. This Star Wars story about a legendary bounty hunter who goes rogue to protect the cutest magical baby in the galaxy was a hit from the very start, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

However, with it’s rapidly approaching season finale, it’s apparent that there are still a lot of lingering questions about The Mandalorian. The show has done a great job of building up mystery and suspense, but there are certain questions that need to be answered within the series before it closes out it’s first season. So here are 10 questions that the season finale of The Mandalorian really needs to answer.

10 How Was The Child Discovered?

Angry Baby Yoda Custom

Pretty much everything about Yoda baby is a complete and utter mystery thus far, but he has apparently become the subject of an intergalactic manhunt of bounty hunters and other people looking to use him for their own ends. But how was the child even discovered in the first place?

Are all creatures of his species powerful in the Force? Presumably baby Yoda had parents, and presumably they tried to conceal him from the people who would take him and use him for themselves, but what happened to them? And how did word get out about his existence and considerable power?

9 How Did the Mandalorians Find Mando?

So The Mandalorian has at least filled in a few blanks with Mando’s backstory by showing war flashbacks to his childhood. The loss of his parents was clearly traumatic, but he apparently found a new sense of purpose and way to survive in the Mandalorian culture.

We already know that he was a Mandalorian foundling, however the show has yet to bridge the gap between Mando’s childhood flashbacks and his induction into the Mandalorian world. Who found Mando, and how? And what made them believe that Mando had the potential to become one of the greatest warriors in the galaxy?

8 What Is The Child’s Name?

It’s truly a tragedy that the child can’t talk yet, because he has undoubtedly had some interesting experiences over the course of his 50 year infancy. But one thing that has become a mystery that has stretched out for far too long is what the child’s name actually is.

Presumably someone in his life has given him a name at some point, but even if the writers don’t want to go into baby Yoda’s backstory just yet, it has gotten to the point where Mando’s decision to not give baby Yoda a name himself has gotten absurd. He kidnapped/adopted this child months ago, it’s time to sign the birth certificate and officially name baby Yoda.

7 What Species Is The Child?

So the entire world lost it’s mind in the moment that baby Yoda was revealed, however hardcore Star Wars fans went a little extra nuts because they were aware of how major it was to see another one of Yoda’s species in Star Wars canon.

The Star Wars fictional universe is astoundingly large, but interestingly, despite the fact that he’s one of the most identifiable characters in the entire franchise, almost nothing has been canonically revealed about his character. Baby Yoda isn’t just called baby Yoda for the obvious reasons, but also because no one has any idea of what Yoda, or baby Yoda, actually is.

6 What Does Mando Look Like?

Well, he presumably looks somewhat like Pedro Pascal, since Pedro Pascal is the actor playing the role. However, no one really has any idea of what is hiding beneath that helmet of his, and given what Mando’s been through it seems safe to suspect that he might not be in quite the pristine condition that Pascal is in naturally.

Plus, the show has taken great pains to explain how important it is that Mando keep his helmet on at all costs, so obviously he has to be de-masked at some point. Here’s hoping he rescues baby Yoda and willingly reveals himself to his newly adopted son, but after more than half a dozen episodes of masked Mando, we’ll take it however we can get it.

5 What Does The Former Empire Want With Baby Yoda?

Mandalorian – The Client and Baby Yoda

The obvious answer here is that they want the Yodling because he is enormously powerful in wielding the Force. But beyond that, what does the diminished Empire want with him?

Strangely, despite the fact that he is one of the most powerful Force wielders in Star Wars history, it seems that the people hunting him don’t mind if he’s killed, and were perhaps even planning on killing him themselves after conducting some research on him. So what exactly was that research for, and what is their intent with whatever information they wound up gathering?

4 Who Is Moff Gideon?

Star Wars

The shadowy organization that seems to be made up of former Imperial officers has been pursuing baby Yoda, and then the Mandalorian, from the very start of the series. But aside from the fact that they’re made up of the former Empire (or at least a faction of that) there hasn’t been a lot fleshed out about this evil squad.

However at the end of the season’s penultimate episode, Moff Gideon showed up. It’s hard to know whether or not he’s the main villain of the entire series, but he seems to be the biggest bad guy of the season, so we need to know a bit more about him.

3 What Happened To Mando’s Parents?

There are very few windows into the soul of the Mandalorian, but the constant flashbacks of his childhood and apparent traumatic loss of his parents are obviously the most significant influences on him as a person. But the flashbacks that we’ve seen so far have still been astonishingly vague.

Mando’s childhood has undoubtedly influenced his decision to abandon his entire life to save the Yodlet, but we need to know exactly why that is and precisely what happened. It appears that Mando lost his parents in the war at the hands of droids, but we need to know more.

2 Who Is The Child?

The baby Yoda is an adorable half puppet/half CGI character that took the world by storm, and just watching this floppy eared, bug eyed baby is enough to sustain the entire show. However, at this point we know almost nothing about his character.

Granted, he’s a baby, so there is only so much character development that can occur, however as one of the two main characters of the series there has to be some progress with his character at some point, and since we’ve barely learned anything about him since the series started it’s safe to say that the season finale of The Mandalorian needs to fill in some blanks.

1 Who Is Mando?

Clearly The Mandalorian wanted to start off it’s series with the character better known as Mando as a complete and utter mystery. Mando’s chameleonic and unknown nature certainly fits in well with the Mandalorian way of life, and it is in his nature to hide who he really is.

However, at some point a TV show has to explain who the hell their main character actually is, both for the sake of the story and for keeping the audience interested, and if The Mandalorian actually ends it’s first season with no explanation then that seems like a pretty risky decision.

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